Plugin Galaxy AE (Windows)

Plugin Galaxy AE (Windows) 1.6

Plugin Galaxy AE (Windows) is a tool for special effects in videos

Plugin Galaxy AE (Windows) software program contains 21 plugins with more than 150 animation effects that can be used to create many video effects.

This program contains filters for transparency manipulation, texture and pattern creation, mirroring and more. Among the many effects, there are neon, rainbow, sunshine and star effects to name a few.

This application works with After Effects, Premiere, Premiere Elements under Windows and MacOSX. In addition, the Plugin Galaxy AE (Windows) software program can also be used with Pinnacle Commotion, Final Cut Pro and other applications that support the After Effects plugins.

With Plugin Galaxy AE (Windows) software program allows you to enhance and colorize the videos and animations as well as grids, zooming and feedbacks.

All of the effects can be altered with the use of sliders, check boxes, color pickers and more. This application is ideal for designers, developers, web designers and even the novice who wants to make unique creations.

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Plugin Galaxy AE (Windows)


Plugin Galaxy AE (Windows) 1.6

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